Our Teachers

Carol Fridolph

Carol has been a CIYT (certified Iyengar yoga teacher) since 1994.  She began studying in 1987 and is as active student of Manouso Manos since 1990. Carol is also a certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). Carol shares her passion and love of yoga with her students.

Gary Hirschman

Gary has been practicing Iyengar yoga since 1981, teaching since 1994.  He began meditating in 1972 and has been practicing and teaching different techniques to help quiet the mind.  His knowlege and humor are present in his classes.

Stephanie Wild

Stephanie has been studying yoga since 2001 and teaching since 2006.  She is a RYT and has a wonderful insight into yoga postures.  Her scoliosis has sent her on a life-long journey finding alternative solutions to easing her pain.  Her classes a full of humor.

Joanie Moore

Joanie has been active in physical fitness her whole life.  Certified in group fitness and personal training by the American Council on  Exercise for over 20 years.  Joanie brings knowledge, humor and enthusiam to her classes.

Dale Johnson

Dale has been studying yoga for 10 years, teaching for 3 years and performing Yoga FST for 4 years.  Dale combines the alignment principles of the Iyengar method and the new understanding of the role of muscle/facia matrix of Tom Meyers in his class.  Dale presents his class as a fun way of bulding body strength to enhance your yoga practice.